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Jakub Szafran

TIL: Resetting single stream in Airbyte

/ 1 min read

This is a short post about something I learnt today: Airbyte has a button for resetting a single stream (table).

In this OSS version I’m using in my project (0.50.8), there’s a big button for resetting all streams - Reset your data. It results in truncating all tables generated by Airbyte in the destination.

Couple of times, I had a situation in which I needed to reset just a single stream - for example there was a change in the source table/view (but not a schema change - because these are detected by Airbyte and application can reset just the affected stream for you). In such cases, I’d update Airbyte’s internal table which stores streams state (I’d set the last synced timestamp of some stream to an earlier date).

But it turns out I was unnecessarily complicating things: Airbyte allows for doing that in the UI - you go to Status tab in the connection detail page, then you choose the stream you need to reset in the Enabled streams section and you click vertical ellipsis (on the right side) - it expands a menu with Reset this stream option.

(9/52) This is a 9th post from my blogging challenge (publishing 52 posts in 2024).