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Jakub Szafran

Introducing - my side project

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This article describes Quest Of Python - a side project I started 3 months ago.

What is

Quest Of Python is a website with free programming exercises for Python language.

The general idea is that I post short exercises with an exemplary solutions of mine. There is a Github organization that contains repositories with starting code and tests for each exercise.

Any prerequisites?

The content I produced so far is aimed towards beginners/mid developers.

I don’t walk through very basic things like installing Python on your computer.

I also expect that you’re familiar with adding dependencies to the project - most of the exercises uses Python’s standard library but 2 of them utilise pytest for writing tests.

It’s on my TODO list to create a subpage that would list these prerequisites in single place.

What kind of exercises have been posted so far?

As of now, available exercises will help you practice:

  • basic data structures (list/dictionaries/sets)
  • writing simple tests in pytest & unittest and parametrizing them
  • working with JSON
  • simple data analysis with standard library
  • using importlib module for programmatic import of code

Tech stack - if you’re interested

Beside being a main subject of exercises, Python is also powering the Quest Of Python backend.

Technologies used:

  • Python & Django
  • htmx (for the newsletter signup form & showing exercises solutions)
  • PostgreSQL

Closing remarks

I encoure you to take a look at Quest Of Python. I’m also open to any constructive feedback as it helps a lot with improving current material and preparing a new one (feel free to reach out via email).

Best Regards,

(2/52) This is a 2nd post for my blogging challenge (publishing 52 posts in 2024).