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Jakub Szafran

Creating my personal toolbelt Python package.

/ 1 min read

I’ve recently had several situations in which I was reusing similar code between different projects (and this code was simple enough that I didn’t want to use any external dependencies that provide similar functionalities).

After giving it some thought, I decided to create a GitHub repository for my-toolbelt package.

Besides avoiding typing same lines of codes multiple times, I also have other learning goals related with this project:

  • learn more about modern Python project setup with pyproject.toml
  • publishing a package on PyPI (I’ve never done that before)
  • creating automated workflow for package publishing via GitHub actions

As I progress with the project, I’ll be publishing short posts with summary about things I learnt.

(14/52) This is a 14th post for my blogging challenge (publishing 52 posts in 2024).