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Jakub Szafran

BigQuery tip: copying results to clipboard.

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Today’s post is a quick tip that might come handy when you’re working with BigQuery.

Manually copying the results

I’ve found myself often in a situation when I run a query in BQ and then I use the results somewhere else (Google Sheets, Excel, whatever).

If results are small enough, you might be tempted to do a quick copy paste and copy them from results grid.

While this might work, it is also error-prone (you might get malformed results after pasting to the destination if you’ve incorrectly selected the grid). And it get even worse if your query results returns more than 50 rows - you get a paginated results and you’ll have to do the copying multiple times.

There’s a better way!

BigQuery allows for exporting results directly to your clipboard - you can find it under “Save Results” button. There’s a limitation of results size (1 MB) but if your data is bigger than that, then you can always use other options (like exporting to Google Drive or CSV) .

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